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Stainless Steel 4PCS Heacy Duty Shield Anchor


It seems like you may be referring to a set of Stainless Steel 4PCS Heavy Duty Shield Anchors. Let's break down the terms:

1. Stainless Steel:

  - Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant alloy that contains iron, chromium, nickel, and other elements. It is commonly used in construction and industrial applications where resistance to rust and corrosion is essential. The use of stainless steel ensures durability and longevity, particularly in outdoor or harsh environments.

2. 4PCS:

  - "4PCS" stands for four pieces, indicating that the product comes in a set of four items. In this context, it likely refers to four individual shield anchors included in the package.

3. Heavy Duty Shield Anchor:

  - A shield anchor is a type of fastener used for anchoring objects into masonry, concrete, or other solid materials. It typically consists of a metal shield (also known as an expansion shield or anchor body), a threaded bolt, and a nut. The shield is usually made from metal and has a tubular shape with flaring sides.

  - "Heavy Duty" implies that these shield anchors are designed for applications requiring a higher load-bearing capacity and greater strength. They might be suitable for anchoring heavy equipment, structures, or fixtures.

In summary, a set of Stainless Steel 4PCS Heavy Duty Shield Anchors likely includes four heavy-duty shield anchors made from stainless steel. These anchors are designed to provide secure and durable fastening in concrete or masonry applications. The stainless steel construction ensures resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for use in various environments, including those with exposure to moisture or harsh weather conditions.

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