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Features and Specifications of LR14 Alkaline Batteries


LR14 is a standard designation for a type of battery cell commonly known as a C-size alkaline battery. It belongs to the family of primary (non-rechargeable) batteries and is widely used in various household, industrial, and electronic devices that require a reliable power source. Here’s a detailed overview of LR14 alkaline batteries:

Features and Specifications:

1. Size and Dimensions:

  - LR14 batteries are cylindrical in shape with a diameter of approximately 26.2 mm (1.03 inches) and a height of about 50 mm (1.97 inches).

  - They have a standard size and form factor that allows them to fit into devices designed to accommodate C-size batteries.

2. Chemistry:

  - Alkaline Chemistry: LR14 batteries use an alkaline electrolyte (typically potassium hydroxide) and manganese dioxide (MnO2) as the cathode material.

  - This chemistry provides a stable voltage output over the life of the battery and is suitable for moderate to high drain applications.

3. Voltage and Capacity:

  - Voltage: LR14 batteries typically provide a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts (V), which is the standard output for alkaline cells.

  - Capacity: They offer varying capacities depending on the brand and specific formulation, generally ranging from around 7,000 to 8,000 milliampere-hours (mAh) under standard test conditions.

4. Applications:

  - LR14 alkaline batteries are used in a wide range of devices requiring medium to high power consumption, such as:

    - Flashlights and lanterns

    - Portable radios and stereos

    - Remote controls

    - Toys and electronic games

    - Portable fans and small appliances

    - Medical devices (e.g., portable blood pressure monitors)

    - Emergency backup systems

5. Longevity and Shelf Life:

  - Alkaline batteries like LR14 have a long shelf life when stored properly (usually several years) due to their low self-discharge rate.

  - The lifespan and performance can vary based on usage conditions, temperature, and discharge rates.


- Environmental Impact: Proper disposal or recycling of LR14 batteries is recommended to minimize environmental impact, as they contain materials that can be harmful if released into the environment.

- Usage Recommendations: Avoid mixing old and new batteries or different types of batteries in the same device to ensure optimal performance and safety.


LR14 alkaline batteries are reliable power sources known for their versatility and performance in a wide range of applications. They provide stable voltage output, moderate capacity, and are readily available for purchase in stores and online. Understanding their specifications, applications, and considerations helps consumers and businesses select the appropriate LR14 batteries to meet their power needs effectively and efficiently.

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