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What are the main differences between Solar LED Flood Light and solar LED flood light?


What is Solar Light?

A Solar Light is an electric lamp that is converted into electricity by solar panels. During the day, solar panels collect and store solar energy, which can be converted into electricity for lighting at night. Solar Light is mainly composed of solar panels, LED lamps, controllers, lithium batteries and lamp poles. Solar Light, as a safe and environmentally friendly energy-saving lamp, has attracted more and more attention.

How does Solar Light work

The working principle is simple. Solar cells made by the principle of photovoltaic effect receive solar radiant energy and convert it into electrical energy output during the day, which is stored in the battery through the charging and discharging controller. At night, when the illumination gradually decreases to about 101ux and the solar panel open-circuit voltage is about 4.5V, the charging and discharging controller will act after detecting this voltage value. The battery discharges the lamp cap. After the battery is discharged for 8.5 h, the charge and discharge control action ends. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.

What are the main differences between Solar LED Flood Light and solar LED flood light?

Solar LED Flood Light and Solar LED flood light have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. They are widely used in outdoor lighting due to various installation methods. Some people who do not know these two kinds of lamps are easy to confuse these two kinds of lamps when using them. The following is a brief introduction to the differences between Solar LED Flood Light and solar LED flood light.

Difference between Solar LED Flood Light and solar LED flood light

1. Different characteristics

Solar LED Flood Light uniformly illuminates all directions from a specific point, and the irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily to illuminate the whole scene. The feature of solar projection lamp is concentrating light, can be directed irradiation, also can be called spotlight, projection lamp or spot lamp.

2. Different usage scenarios

The solar cast light is easy to predict and can be used to illuminate outdoor plants, trees, sculptures, monuments and flower beds. Floodlights can be used in highway lighting, square lighting, billboard lighting, yard lighting, garage lighting and doorway lighting.

3. Different forms of exposure

Solar LED Flood Light takes the form of scattering, projecting light around, illuminating all areas within the irradiation range of the lamp, and is mostly used to illuminate the whole scene. While solar LED flood light is directional irradiation, which can direct light to the specified direction as required.

4. Solar lamps with different Angle width and irradiation adjustment are mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and commercial space lighting, with good decoration. The Angle width of the solar beam lamp can be selected according to the specific needs, and the Angle can be selected arbitrarily within 180°. The irradiation Angle of the floodlight can not be adjusted, and the irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily, but the lamp as the center spreads around.With the progress of science and technology, Solar LED Flood Light and other solar lamps are no longer limited to simple lighting and single control function, but add intelligent control function, that is, control solar lamps through mobile phone APP, with Bluetooth MES networking, dimming, timing, setting scene and other functions. Realize the organic combination of new energy and intelligent lighting control.


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