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Marble Slabs


Xiamen Stonelink is a manufacturers, specializing in the production of Marble Blocks, Marble Slabs, Marble Tiles, Granite Blocks, Quartzite Slabs, Onyx Slabs, etc.Stonelink has focused on top quality natural stone and artificial stone products for nearly 10 years in China. We started as a small trading company, but now have become one of the professional stone suppliers in China.We have two warehouses, located in Shuitou. With 40000 sqm slabs in stock , we are able to supply large scale project immediately.

We supply natural stones like marble ,quartzite, granite, limestone, sandstone etc. We supply artificial stones like terrazzo, quartz, porcelain. Natural stones and artificial stones are widely used for architectural ornament such as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, furnitures etc.Our block yard is in Shuitou, with 1000 tons blocks from domestic and foreign in stocks. Our block stock enable us to supply various materials.

Raggio Verde Green Marble Slabs are luxurious and low-key coloring, with black, gray, white cloud-like texture, or irregular. Guaranteed pass, moist, bright and natural. Raggio Verde Green Marble Slabs are quarried in China. This marble come from the same quarry that can both be separated in 4 categories.

Raggio Verde Green Marble Slabs vein is characterized with emerald green, the overall elegance is like a vast galaxy, natural freehand, smart and free, decorating a simple and elegant living space, subtle yet elegant.

Raggio Verde Green Marble Slabs vein is also characterized by dark green, the silky green and the ink color are closely interlocked, perfectly combined, integrated with each other, and add color to each other, not only has the thickness of the ink color, but also has the freshness of the green.

Raggio Verde Green Marble Slabs have own fresh and fresh color, natural texture, fresh, fashionable and noble, which is eye-catching.


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