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What are the types of submersible pumps?


The submersible pump is a combination of a submersible motor and a water pump that is specially used to extract water from deep underground. The submersible pump is compact in structure, easy to use, low in price, and has a wide range of uses. Many hot spring centers will use it to fetch water. It is also used to pump groundwater for irrigation in many fields. There are also many types of submersible pumps. According to the application, there are mainly submersible pumps for wells, submersible pumps for working surfaces, submersible sewage pumps, submersible pumps for sand removal, vertical mine pumps, etc. So how to choose the right submersible pump? Find out below. 1. What are the types of submersible pumps?

1. Well submersible pump

Clean water submersible pumps are multi-stage pumps, mainly used to lift water from motor wells, earthen wells or reservoirs in clay layers, suitable for irrigation in factories, mines or farmland. In 1928, the American company Bron Jackson (Byron Jackson) developed the submersible electric pump for the first time. In the subsequent 1930s, countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan began to produce "deep well submersible pumps."

2. Working face submersible pump

Working surface submersible pumps are small submersible pumps (single-stage pumps), which are widely used in many places because of their easy installation and easy use. In 1948, Sweden's Flygt (Sterbery-Flygt) first developed the "working surface submersible pump". In the 1960s, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries also began mass production. China began to produce "working surface submersible pump" in 1958, developed into "QY type submersible pump (oil-filled type)" in the 1960s, developed "QS type submersible pump (water-filled type)" in the 1970s, and developed "QS type submersible pump (water-filled type)" in the 1980s. Type QX and DQX submersible pumps (dry type)". In the late 1980s, the "working surface submersible pump" developed rapidly, and gradually became larger and more diversified. Large and medium-sized submersible pumps are widely used in municipal, industrial and mining fields because of their outstanding advantages such as simplifying the pump structure and saving investment in pumping station construction.

3. Submersible sewage pump

The submersible sewage pump is mainly used to transport industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage, and its biggest advantage is that it can discharge impurities such as pulp and long fibers. (So it is also called "non-clogging sewage submersible pump"). Widely used in urban sewage treatment plants, rainwater tanks, pumping stations, flood control and drainage, etc. In 1956, Sweden's Flygt (Sterbery-Flygt) developed the "submersible sewage pump" for the first time, which reduced the cost of the sewage station by about half. China imported and produced "submersible sewage pump" from Germany in the late 1980s, mainly including WQ, QW, and AS series products. (According to statistics, around 1995, the domestic annual output of "submersible sewage pump" was about 50,000 units.)

4. Sand discharge submersible pump

China's first "sand discharge submersible pump" was developed by Professor Wang Qingwu in 1989, the KGQ12-50 sand discharge submersible pump. After years of development, the current product is the fourth generation of sand discharge submersible pump - mining vertical pump. The sand discharge submersible pump is specially designed for the drainage environment rich in sediment in the water, and it is a new product that fills the gap in the world. It has the characteristics of high head and wear resistance, and is suitable for drainage in environments with a large amount of sediment in the water such as mines, engineering excavation, emergency rescue, environmental protection and sand removal. Drainage in an environment rich in sediment, the service life is 5 to 10 times that of submersible sewage pumps and clean water submersible pumps.

5. Mining vertical pump

Mine vertical pump, the fourth generation of new sand discharge submersible pump, is an integrated product of vertical pump and submersible pump. It can be used as a submersible pump or as a vertical pump. With the concept of submersible pump, it is a veritable "amphibious pump". According to the development of submersible pumps, vertical mining pumps are evolutionary products of submersible pumps that "go out of the water and land on the shore".


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