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Skeleton Semi Trailers with JOST 3.5 inch king pin


As the professional manufacturer of JUPITER TRAILER, we would like to provide you with 3 AXLES 40-FEET SKELETON SEMI TRAILERS. And we will offer you the best quotation with quality assurance and timely delivery. Jupiter® is a large-scale semi-trailer and special vehicle manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specializing in semi-trailers and special vehicles for more than 39 years. Our 40-foot 3-axle Skeleton Semi Trailer with FUWA 13-ton Axles has a good price and quality advantage and has already been exported to Asia, Africa, and South America. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

This JUPITER® 3-axle 40-foot skeleton semi trailer with JOST 3.5-inch king pin is suitable for carrying ISO 20- and 40-foot containers, which are mostly used in the port, pier, and container yards. 40-foot 2-axle skeleton semi trailers are the best choice for the transportation and operation of 20- and 40-foot container van boxes with high efficiency and economic return. We use famous brand parts on 40-foot 3-axle skeleton semitrailers, such as FUWA or BPW Brands Axles and JOST King Pin.So we recommend the end users or drivers choose this 40-foot 2-axle skeleton semi trailer with a Fuwa 13T axle, and we welcome inquiries about our 40-foot 3-axle skeleton semi trailer.


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