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Pipe Type Gestation Stall


High-quality pipe-type gestation stalls are offered by China's Deba Brothers®. The pipe-type gestation stall produced by Deba Brothers® is made of galvanized material. Sows in pipe-type gestation stalls can be monitored comfortably and controlled individually. There is no aggression during feeding in the pipe-type gestation stall. Artificial insemination can easily be carried out. This pipe-type gestation stall has 360° rotating stainless steel feet that make for easy mounting on the concrete slatted floor and provide corrosion protection.

Deba Brothers® is a leading China pipe-type gestation stall manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Gestation crates regulate sow activity space and control, can effectively reduce the number of pigs required, and maximize the use of house space. The product uses the whole hot galvanization craft, and its service life is more than 20 years. Deba Brothers' new round tube gestation pen features a reversible rear door design similar to the classic farrowing crate. The rear door can be turned up to widen the aisle by 420 mm, which not only allows the pigs to have room for movement but also facilitates the staff's ability to chase pigs and other work activities.


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