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Multi Core Cable


Haoguang specialised in manufacturing a variety of UL,CUL,VDE and CCC standard approved wire and cables. Our main products including electronic power lines, lighting wire and cables,leading wires,internal wires of appliances, LSHZ cables,single, multi core cables,silicone rubber cable,all kinds of insulated wire and fire alarm cable.

We have 30 sets of Testing Equipment, 7 wire drawing machines ,8 stranding machines, 9 extruder facility, 2 single stranding machines, 90 braiding machines.

Haoguang cable marketing network all over the world, the products mainly export to America, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and regions of the world.

Haoguang has a highly qualified team and strict quality inspection of ISO9001 quality management, we put quality,compliance and a strong customer focus at the heart of operations.

Multi Core Cable

Ningbo Haoguang Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd was established in 1994, as a professional China Multi Core Cable manufacturers and China Multi Core Cable suppliers, we are strong strength and complete management. Multi core cable is electric wire which contains more than one core in the cable. It can be be used for power transmission or data transmission,power cord, illumination space wiring and the high load electrical equipment, household appliance. 

Haoguang multi core cable includes wires with PVC, PE, with different features, flame-resistant, corrosion resistance, moisture, resistance,abrasion resistance. These wires can be flexible, parallel, tinned copper, bare copper depending upon the end applications. 

Haoguang multi core cable are manufactured as per UL, VDE and other international standards.  Durable in use, reliable quality with uniform insulation thickness and pure copper conductor.


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