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High Flow Hydraulic diaphragm Chemical Pumps


The high-flow Hydraulic diaphragm Chemical pump consists of three main devices: (1) the driving device, (2) the adjusting device, and (3) the liquid delivery device. The crankshaft, which reduces motor rotation speed by worm and worm gear, makes the piston reciprocate in the hydraulic oil chamber. This reciprocating movement of the pitston makes the PTFE diaphragm and the liquid, which is isolated by the diaphragm, suck and discharge. Each pump has an internal pressure relief valve to protect it from overpressure conditions.

The flow rate can be adjusted via a unique adjusting mechanism from 0 to 100%. The adjustment can be carried out when the pump is in operation or at a stop. The steady-state accuracy is 1% from 30% to 100% of the maximum output. Automatic operation of Hydraulic diaphragm Chemical Pumps is achieved by a variable-speed drive. A double diaphragm with a diaphragm rupture detection system is available to prevent accidents caused by the mixture of hydraulic oil and liquid after the diaphragm ruptures.


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