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Cordless Dual Caulking Gun


ZHEJIANG DADAO ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD., located in Yongkang City, is strategically positioned to serve the global market with ease. As one of the economically strongest cities in China, Yongkang City is home to a population of around 536,000 and is less than 300 kilometers southwest of Shanghai, with the Ningbo Port nearby, making us perfectly placed to serve customers worldwide. Our Main Products includes the following: Brushless Cordless Drill,Cordless Heat Gun,Cordless Spray Gun, Cordless High Pressure Washer, Rotary Hammer, Angle Grinder, Impact Wrench, Hammer Drill, Hammer Driver, Drill, Brushless Cordless Chainsaw, Grass Trimmer And So On.

DADAO® 600-ml Cordless Dual Caulking Guns are typically powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing for unrestricted movement and versatility. You can use them anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, without the need for a power source nearby.

DADAO® 600 ml Cordless Dual Caulking Gun Feature:

Two barrels: The DADAO® 600 ml Cordless Dual Caulking Gun features two separate barrels, allowing you to dispense two different types or colors of caulk simultaneously.

Independent triggers: Each barrel has its own trigger, allowing you to control the flow of caulk independently. This feature provides precise control over the application and allows for different flow rates if required.


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