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30mm Soft Wispy Double Layer Mink Eyelashes


Qingdao T-integrity lash factory co.,ltd is established in 1995 and at begining we only do OEM and ODM for domestic customers and trading companies. From 2016 we begin to expand our market over the world and although we do not export ourselves but we always on the may making good eyelashes for world cusotmers.Our customer like Lily lash,Moixed lash,lashpop etc also have some other big brand . You may do not know us but we are factory making the lash for you indeed.Our factory located in Qingdao pingdu where 90% of world eyelashes are made here .The corporation specialized in making artificaila eyelashes and covers an area of 10,000 square meters,the annual production capacity can reach 36million pairs.

The 30mm Soft Wispy Double Layer Mink Eyelashes soft and pretty made by hand competitive price with customized box will help your business growth. The normal length of the strip lashes is 15-22mm. These are suitable for daily use. But there's are also some special occasion like the wedding, party, graduation where need more dramatic makeup. The 25mm long eyelashes is a good choice.25mm lashes are much fuller and fluffy than the normal...

30mm Soft Wispy Double Layer Mink Eyelashes

This Fluffy 5D 30MM Colorful Mink Eyelashesadd enviable volume and curling to your eye lash look while being incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. The unique design of interlacing ‘V‘ shaped clusters creates the glamorous lash look while still achieving an glam finish with your lashes. We are expecting become your long term partner in china.

Qingdao T-integrity lash factory had 22 years experiences and we located in Qingdao pingdu where 90% of the world lash are made here especially high quality mink strip lash

We help people with their own package and boxes We are one of the famous eyelash extension brand in China and have years of R&D and manufacturing experience. We combine the best technology, makeup artists and cosmetologist. We also provide the large-scale production, brand management to marketing. Our aim is to provide the highest-quality products and the best service for you, through our excellent cosmetic manufacturing experience.


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