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168kw Condending Heat Exchanger


The design capacity about Floorflex series aluminium casting domestic condensing heat exchanger is from 90KW to 300KW. Aluminium casting commercial Condensing Heat Exchanger, consists of Left, Middle and Right Sections, is the main body component of the Condensing Boiler. The Floorflex series design is smart and applicable to heating and hot water supply for a large area such as hotel, school, hospital, etc, and is a new eco-friendly and energy-saving product promoted by various governments to replace non-condensing, coal, oil and electric water boilers.

Floorflex series 90kw to 300kw condensing heat exchanger is very compact, sustainable sectional boiler for industrial use. Manifolds are made from cast aluminium as well. Grain refinement, modification and density index need to be accurately controlled during melting to ensure that the tightness, structure, as well as the chemical and mechanical properties all meet the required ranges. Subsequently the process requires a 100% leak test, usually with air pressure or an hydraulic pressure test carried out by the foundry. 


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